These materials are provided for K-12 Administrators free of cost by Dr. Elizabeth K. Englander.  I am NOT a lawyer and none of these materials are intended to provide legal advice.  You should consult your school or District's Counsel for such advice.  I have conducted research on these topics for 25 years and my expertise is provided accordingly. All rights reserved. These materials may not be included in any publication, website, or used in any venue for sale.  Websites may link to this website.  Thank you.

What Services & Programs does MARC offer Administrators?

  • Online Needs Assessment (free) (A good place to start; this is an online tool that in a few minutes can you see where to focus your prevention efforts)
  • Free online surveying of your students, faculty, and parents (free) (another good place to start)

  • Free curricula
    • MARC K-5 Bullying and Cyberbullying Curriculum (10 lesson plans for each grade)
    • MARC 6-12 Advisory Curriculum (19 Lesson Plans, designed for use during a short Advisory period)
    • MARC High School Cyberskills Curriculum (10 Lesson Plans for Grades 9 & 10; 5 Lesson Plans for Grades 11 & 12)
    • All MARC Curricula are research-based and free of cost