Contests, Award Ceremonies & Youth Summit

Grades 3-6 Poem & Poster Contest

This years' Grades 3-5 Contest Questions:

Grades 3-5 Contest Questions 2013-14:

Grade 3 Question: If you see someone having a bad day, how can you help?

Grade 4 Question: What would you do if your friend was being bullied?

Grade 5 Question: How can you help spread an anti-bullying message to younger kids?

Grades 6-12 Public Service Announcement Contest

This years' Grades 6-12 PSA Question:

PSA Contest Question 2013-14:

Pretend you are talking to Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, and tell him what he can do to help stop cyber bullying

Award Ceremonies & Youth Summit

Dates & Locations for this years' Elementary Award Ceremony & Youth Summit:

Elementary Award Ceremony: TBD

Youth Summit: TBD