Curricula from the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center

The Grades 6-12 and High School curricula have been updated,
with generous support from the Digital Trust Foundation

These are all written by Dr. Elizabeth Englander, with help from other faculty and students in the Center.  Each Curriculum is research-based and the research reports can be viewed below. There is NO COST for these Curricula, but we may ask you to survey your students.  The REQUEST BUTTON is at the bottom of the page.

K-5 Bullying and Cyberbullying Curriculum

The goal of this curriculum is to educate children in grades K-5 about bullying and cyberbullying, and to raise their awareness about how these behaviors impact children.  It utilizes both Teacher-As-Educator and Peer Learning Models.  

Grades 6-12 Advisory Curriulum (Bullying & Cyberbullying)

This is a bullying, cyberbullying, and cyber-behaviors curriculum, designed for use by grades 6 through 12.  The Curriculum is divided into Lesson Plans designed to be conducted in a 20-minute period of time.  The intention is to enable schools to use the Curriculum either during Advisory Periods (which are often about 20 minutes long) or during regular class periods. 

High School Cyberskills Curriculum

The goal of this research-based curriculum is to increase the knowledge and awareness of children in grades 9-12 about cyber-skills.

Our High School Cyberskills Curriculum is now available in Spanish! If you're interested in the SPANISH Curriculum translation please note that in the COMMENTS box on the MARC Request Form.

MARC HS Cyberskills Curriculum Videos

Video 1:  Cookies (7 minutes)

Video 2:  Behavioral Tracking (1 minute)

Video 3:  Facebook Fever (4 minutes)

Video 4:  Shooting video & Legal issues (1 minute)