MARC Free Survey Program for K-12 Schools
Students, Faculty, and Parents

MARC offers Massachusetts schools student, faculty, and parent surveys on bullying and cyberbullying.  We can send you a dedicated link and then email you a spreadsheet with the survey data. There is no cost for this service.* 

These Surveys can be Requested for your school via three steps:

1.  You send an email to [email protected] stating which survey you would like to implement.

2.  We'll send you a dedicated link for your survey. 

3.  When you decide the survey has been administered to enough students, you send us an email and we will close the survey. You will have full access to the spreadsheet which will contain all your raw data and all frequencies.  (NOTE:  You need to email us, not vice versa - sorry.)

*If you utilize a MARC survey in your school, your school and MARC co-own the data.  Data gathered in this manner would never be used in any manner other than as completely anonymous.  No data would ever be analyzed from a single school or identified as belonging to a particular school.  Data is kept strictly confidential and, if ever analyzed, would only be analyzed in an aggregate manner across multiple unidentified schools.

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